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Fleece Cage Liner

Fleece Cage Liner


3 Layer Cage Liners - Print on top, solid on bottom and layer of fleece in the middle for absorbancy. Made specifically for the Ferret Nation and Critter Nation cages as well as the Quality Cage Mansion or Townhome. Can also make custom liners to fit Fiesty Ferret Cages. These are made to fit directly into the pan, such as a Bass pan - they do not wrap around and are not pillow case style. You can place heavy items in the corner to keep them down or use binder clips. The liners are priced at $42 each. You will receive ONE liner only.


You must specify if you would like the cutout for the top level of the cage for FNs and CNs as well as the Feisty Ferrets. Otherwise you will get a liner without cut outs.


There is an additional charge of $10 per liner if you choose to use licensed prints. 


Fleece options can be found here:

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