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Chinchilla Surrender

Status As of July 6th, 2024: Only Taking In Animals Originally From Carolina Chinchilla Ranch / Tiffany's Chinchillas

Carolina Chinchilla Ranch / Tiffany's Chinchillas takes in surrenders on a case by case basis. Depending on the space we have at the time and the situation, we may be able to take in your animal(s). We do not purchase or pay for your animal(s). We also do not pick up animals needing to be surrendered, they must be brought to our home by appointment.

We require a $35 surrender fee per animal for animals that were not originally sold by Carolina Chinchilla Ranch. Animals that originally were purchased through us are able to be returned at any time, without question, with no fee required. The surrender fee must be paid via Venmo, Zelle or Paypal before the scheduled drop off appointment if a fee is required. 


Drop off is required at our home in Roxboro, North Carolina. We are located on the Virginia border, just north of Durham. Sorry, we cannot travel to pick up your surrender.


All surrenders that are brought in are checked for health issues before being placed up for adoption. We do not adopt out sick animals. All surrenders become the property of Carolina Chinchilla Ranch once turned over. We do not keep them long term - we strive to find loving homes for your animal if you can not. None of the animals surrendered to us are ever used for breeding.


Understand that once you turn the animal(s) over, that photos and updates may not be provided on the animals after that point. We are busy taking care of your animal and trying to find it a good home, along with many others that we have here.


Cages and supplies are not required to be dropped off with the animals, but we only accept all metal cages with no plastic unless they are Ferret or Critter Nation.

All safe supplies will go with the animals once they are adopted out. We do not take plastic supplies and unsafe products will be tossed or donated.

We do not take in sick animals. If your animal has malocclusion, please take it to the vet to have it put to sleep. Any animals with obvious abscesses will be turned away since we keep our facility free of streptococcus. 

If you are interested in surrendering your chinchillas to us, please e-mail is for more details at


Safe Area

Our chins are kept in an area that is completely safe for them and where they will be taken care of. There is nothing to worry about in our care.



When we have single chins come in, we sometimes try to pair them up before they find new homes.


Happy Homes

We select forever homes that we know that are going to take care of the chins that are surrendered.

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