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Page Updated: May 15th, 2023

Place a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold an animal for up to 30 days Here via Paypal, Venmo is @CarolinaChinchilla, or I also accept Zelle at Animals will not be held without a deposit. Please contact me first before placing a deposit.

Please review my Sales Policy before purchasing a chinchilla.
Care Sheet you must adhere to these guidelines to purchase a chinchilla.

Currently Available Chinchillas

We are currently sold out, but we do have standard grays, mosaics and ebonies and ebony whites nursing that will be available in 1.5-2.5 months. More information coming soon!

Carolina Chinchilla Ranch Price List

Standard Grays - $350-500

Black Velvets - $500-750

Mosaics / White Ebonies / Pink White- $750-850

Ebonies (Light-Med-Dark-Extra Dark) - $400-850

Beiges (Light-Med-Dark-Extra Dark) - $400-500

Tans - $450-750

Violets - $750

Sapphires - $750

Blue Diamonds - $1000

Royal Persian Angoras - $1000-5000 (Depending on Mutation)

+TOV (Touch of Velvet) - +$50

+ Violet Carrier / Sapphire Carrier - +$50

+ Angora Carrier - +$150

Prices are based on the individual animal - pet or show quality, parent's lineage and demand for animals at that time. Prices vary and can change. These are prices for our babies and show lines only - surrenders and retired breeders do not fall in these guidelines. 

Pickup Guidelines

Appointments are available with a 24 hour notice. No walk-ins are allowed. You must be ON TIME. I understand if you're going to be late because of traffic, keep me updated, but know if you show up 1-2 hours late, I may have something else planned or be with another customer. Plan accordingly. I am not a pet store with open business hours to walk in. I do not allow visits to come and pick out animals, only pick up of the one you choose beforehand and place a deposit on are allowed to be viewed. 

The animal must be picked out ahead of time and $50 non-refundable deposit must be paid to hold the animal. Deposits can be sent to: OR paid via Venmo to @CarolinaChinchilla or I accept Zelle sent to 336-504-3784. The same are accepted at pick up, but cash is preferred if possible. I do charge tax when Paypal / Debit / Credit are used. The deposit does come out of the total cost of the animal. Deposits are only good for 30 days, and if the animals are not picked up at that point, a $25 per week fee will be charged per animal for boarding or the deposit will be forfeited.

I do not allow walk arounds to see individual chinchillas. I also do not allow animals to be seen or held unless it's the animal that you have picked out prior to the visit and have a deposit on. Due to Covid, our chinchillas are being kept away from any outside sources. I no longer allow anyone into my chinchilla area to keep down contamination from outside sources. I can send photos of available animals beforehand, but will not have them available for you to look at once you arrive. This is for the health and safety of our herd.

Bring your own carrier - I do not supply them. It can be a cat carrier, small rodent carrier, cardboard box with holes poked in it. Do not bring dog kennels, chinchillas fit right through them. Please make sure it is chinchilla safe (1" bar spacing or less) and don't use a towel for the bottom, fleece or pine / aspen shavings only. Plastic tubs will not be accepted! I do have used carriers for sale if you come without one.

You must have air conditioning in your vehicle, especially during the summer. Block all sun rays from getting to the chinchilla. Do not place the animal in the floorboard of your vehicle as it's hotter than you think. Do not take out the chinchilla until you get home. 


Delivery / Shipping Guidelines

Delivery is available within 100 miles of Roxboro, North Carolina. Delivery is available for a fee of $1.25 per mile and must be paid in full along with the full cost of the chinchilla before delivery. Currently, we are only providing delivery within this distance on animal and supply purchases that total $500 or over or if we can plan multiple deliveries at one time along a route to help cut down the cost. Otherwise, pickup is at our home in Roxboro, North Carolina. Delivery is no longer available on owner surrender purchases.

You must have your own carrier, we do not supply them. Cat carriers are inexpensive and work great for short trips, but are not for rides over 5 hours or so due to the possibility of chinchillas chewing.  We do not ship chinchillas via airline or through shipping services at this time, sorry.