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Chinchillas for Sale - Updated 9/15/2020

Place a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold an animal Here via Paypal, Venmo is TiffanysChinchillas, or I also accept Zelle.

Mosaic Female 

13 weeks old

Pet Only 

She is a bit feisty and cage territorial


Standard Gray Male

9 weeks old

Pet or Breeder - Top Show Lines from Mexico (La Paloma)


Standard Gray Male #2

9 weeks old

Pet or Breeder - Top Show Lines from Mexico (La Paloma)



Fur Chewer Standard Gray Female - $45

New Owners, Please check out Let's Love Chinchillas website for basic care info. 


Please review my Sales Policy before purchasing a chinchilla.

Pickup Guidelines

Appointments are available with a 24 hour notice. No walk ins are allowed same day. You must be ON TIME. I understand if you're going to be late because of traffic, keep me updated, but know if you show up 1-2 hours late, I may have something else planned or be with another customer. Plan accordingly. I am not a pet store with open business hours to walk in.

The animal must be picked out ahead of time and $50 non-refundable deposit must be paid via Paypal, the rest due in cash at pick up. Deposits can be sent to: OR paid via Venmo to TiffanysChinchillas or I accept Zelle sent to 336-504-3784. The same are accepted at pick up, but cash if possible. I do charge tax when Paypal is used. 

I do not allow walk arounds to see individual chinchillas. Appointments are for pick up only. I no longer allow anyone into my chinchilla area to keep down contamination from outside sources. 

Bring your own carrier - I do not supply them. It can be a cat carrier, small rodent carrier, cardboard box with holes poked in it. Do not bring dog kennels, chinchillas fit right through them. Please make sure it is chinchilla safe (1" bar spacing or less) and don't use a towel for the bottom, fleece or pine / aspen shavings only. Plastic tubs will not be accepted!

You must have air conditioning in your vehicle, especially during the summer. Block all sun rays from getting to the chinchilla. Do not place the animal in the floorboard of your vehicle as it's hotter than you think. Do not take out the chinchilla until you get home. 


Delivery / Shipping Guidelines

Delivery is available when my schedule is clear and I'm not working. Delivery is only available in NC / SC / VA. The fee is $1 per mile from my home and must be paid in full through Paypal, Zelle or Venmo before the actual delivery date. You must bring your own carrier for pick up, I do not supply them. 

Currently, I am not shipping chinchillas via airlines due to the high cost. I do not railroad or use shipping companies. 


Chinchilla Care Checklist / Guidelines - Please Read Before Purchasing

By purchasing a chinchilla from me, you agree to abide by these rules / guidelines (and in order to be eligible for the 7 day warranty):

*Please give your chinchilla 7 days to adjust in its new environment before handling and taking it out of the cage. They may bark or seem scared, but it does take time acclimate to the change in temperature, sounds, smell and environment in general. Play music to calm them down as I play it 24/7, and you can talk to them through the bars of the cage. Do not introduce new chinchillas to your previous pets for the first month, they need a month quarantine time. 

*Do not use cedar shavings, towels, corn cob or Care Fresh (which has been known to cause blockages and has a warning on the side label). Kiln dried pine, aspen or fleece liners are the only chinchilla safe beddings that I allow.

*Animals under 6 months old should not have out of cage play time. You can handle your animals after the first week, but just for short periods of time. Play time after 6 months should be limited to 10-15 minutes at a time, 2-3 times a week.

*Plastic cages should not be used. Plastic pans should be 100% reinforced with fleece to prevent any chewing (such as the Ferret Nation cage). You can also purchase metal pans from under Ferret pans to fit them. Edges of the pans can be covered with 2x6 boards to keep the chins from chewing as well. We prefer all metal cages with wooden ledges for chewing and easy cleaning. Melamine custom built cages are also safe. Ledges should be made of kiln dried pine only. A baby chinchilla does not need an entire 2 level FN / CN cage, they will need to be shut off to one level for quite some time. 

*Chinchillas should never eat any fruits or vegetables, not even if they're dehydrated. Chinchilla diet consists of fresh pellets (alfalfa or timothy based, no colorful pellets or fruits/vegetables or treats in feed), grass hays (such as timothy, bermuda, orchard) and fresh filtered water (reverse osmosis, bottled drinking water, PUR filtered or Brita filtered against giardia & cryptosporidium and coccidia).

*Safe pelleted foods include: Pet Store Brands – Oxbow Essentials, Mazuri ONLY. Please avoid anything Kaytee, All Living Things brand feed or treats. No other pet store feeds are healthy. Farm & Feed Stores - Purina Rabbit Chow Show, Manna Pro Sho or Manna Pro Pro Rabbit, Nutrena Naturewise Rabbit, Ace Hi Rabbit, Blue Seal Rabbit Show Hutch Deluxe / Specialty – Tradition (Hubbard Life), Kline, Shoots Dr. Koch's. Food should not be weighed, it should be free fed at all times. Please do not limit the food your animal eats! They must have unlimited feed and limit the amount of hay to forage on. 

*Safe treats that can be given include a shredded wheat *not frosted*, rose hip, spaghetti noodle, old fashioned oats, rose buds, cheerio *not frosted*, safe woods to chew on (apple, pecan, etc). These should be given in moderation, 2-3 times a week at the max, only one at a time. No treats for animals under 6 months of age other than oats. NO Raisins period. 

*No death balls - the plastic balls that they run around in ARE DANGEROUS! Chinchillas become overheated in them, covered in their own feces and urine, and they do not run naturally in these so you can harm their spine. No wire hay balls or racks – chinchillas can get their legs caught in them which could lead to amputation. No harnesses, as chinchillas don't walk, they jump. 

*Chinchillas purchased under 6 months should not use a wheel as they are burning off the calories they need to grow. They also should not have out of cage playtime - only to be handled for small amounts of time. Wheels that can be used after 6 months include the Leo Braun, Ed Wheel, Chin Spin and metal Flying Saucer - they are not required, it's just a choice. No plastic wheels should be used, period. The mesh wire wheels are not safe.

*Temperature must be kept under 72 degrees at all times. I always suggest 72 degrees and under as the chinchillas here are kept between 60-65 degrees. When you move them to a higher temperature so quickly, they do get stressed out and can get sick. You must own an air conditioner; fans will not keep them cool enough. Air conditioning is a must in the summer or you risk heat stroke.

Please contact me with any issues you may have with your animal. If you follow these guidelines, you should not have any problems. Failure to follow these guidelines WILL revoke any warranty you are given with the animal, no exceptions.


Sales Policy

If you're interested in something in particular, contact me and I may have something available or could put you on a wait list. Prices will be based on color, temperament, conformation, clarity, density, veiling, fur strength, bar uniformity, fur length, size, neck and overall condition as well as the quality of the breeding lines for adults. Prices on babies will be determined by the quality of the parents and the color of the kit. If the animal has been shown, the prices may be adjusted depending on the placement in show. Prices are subject to change at any time. If you are interested in a certain color, I can put you on a waiting list to contact you when I have one available or I can send you to a respectable breeder who may have what you're looking for. Non-refundable deposit of $50 can be placed on an animal as soon as they're listed on this page. All animals are required to stay here until they're at least 8 weeks old, or at my discretion. I have the right to refuse sale to any customer who I believe may not be qualified to take care of these animals. I also have the right to cancel a sale and refund the money at any time if I decide to keep an animal instead of selling it. If I ask you questions, please do not be offended. I may require you to sign a contract depending on your situation; if I do, do not be offended. I may also ask for a form to be filled out with information concerning your situation - again, do not be offended. It is in the best interest of the animal. The last thing I want is for the animal to end up in a home that is not prepared to take care of the animal and it end up in a shelter. I require that these animals be taken care of under my conditions. It is my responsibility to wean out impulse buyers and to make the right decision for the sake of my offspring's care. I do not breed these animals to make money, if that was the case, I'd sell to just anyone.

Some of the chinchillas you will find on this page may be considered pet quality, others will be breeding quality. I will make sure to explain this with each individual animal or I will explain whether or not the animal should be bred before purchase based on background and how the animal shows at that point in time. Understand, pet quality animals SHOULD NOT be bred. This is only to try to keep quality in the species and to improve quality. Animals that are sold before they are of age to be shown will be considered pet quality only and should not be bred unless evaluated by an experienced judge or rancher. I will explain the background of the chinchilla, but a quality background does not guarantee a quality chinchilla. I wish this were the case, but it doesn't always work out that way. Young chinchillas can be taken to shows after 5-6 months of age so you will have an idea of the quality. Breeding quality animals can also be pets, but most people will not want to pay the price for the quality of the animal. Usually, the higher the quality, the higher the price. 

Sometimes I cull breeders to put in younger animals from my lines. If a female is pregnant and litters here before pick up (even if you have placed a deposit), then the kits stay here as the female was originally bred here. If the female has kits after you pick the animal up, they are yours to do as you wish with, I just ask that you label them as a TIFF animal since they were originally bred at my home. You're welcome to show them, but under my ranch brand.

I accept cash, Venmo, Zelle and Paypal only. If you are paying with Paypal, I do charge tax as well. To place an animal on hold, I require a $50 non-refundable deposit to ensure that the animal will be available for you. That's right, the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you decide that you cannot get the animal after you have paid a deposit, it is forfeited. Deposit must be paid in full before the animal is placed on hold, otherwise the animal is still listed as available. After the animal is put on hold, you have one month (or until the animal is weaned if too young to go to a new home) to pick the animal up or have it delivered, unless other arrangements are made ahead of time. After that, the deposit is forfeited unless the entire price is paid in full or you make arrangements with me ahead of time. The animal will then go back up for sale. After 30 days of placing a deposit, if you have not picked up your animal, I will begin charging $15 a week for each chinchilla as a boarding fee for care and feed.

If you are under the age of 18, I will need permission from your parents before I can sell to you. You and your parents must both sign a form stating that if the animal is not taken care of, that it will come back to Tiffany's Chinchillas, with no questions asked. The parents must take full responsibility of the animal. This is to stop impulse buys and to make sure the animal will be taken care of if the child decides to change it's mind and send it off to other homes or shelters.

I offer a 7-day health guarantee on the animals that I have personally bred. In actuality, once the animal leaves my possession, I no longer have control over what happens to this animal but I take pride in them and want the customer to be assured that my animals leave here with a clean bill of health. If an animal gets sick within the first 7 days, return the animal back to me and I will consider a replacement depending on the circumstance. If an animal dies within the first 7 days, I require a necropsy to be performed by a vet or lab to consider a replacement animal, refunds will not be given under any circumstance. If you are close enough to me, I can perform a necropsy free of charge but it needs to be performed ASAP after death. I will consider a replacement depending on the results and ONLY if I am at fault. This does not cover accidents or anything that happens on your part.  The cause of death or illness must be proven to be my fault. I cannot guarantee that my animals will get along with the animals that you currently have either. A 30 day quarantine MUST be observed before placing my animals with an animal of your own. This means that if you place your chin in with another and it doesn't get along, goes into shock or is attacked, I will not replace the animal, that is a risk that you take when you purchase the animal. Do not cross species - chinchillas should not be around your cat or dog. On the other hand - I will take back all animals that are sold here. A 50% refund will be given if the animal is returned within the first 7 days, only if the policy is followed. Past the initial 7 days, no refund will be given, but my doors will always be open if an animal needs to be returned. You must pay for all vet bills, labs and necropsies, I am not responsible once the animal leaves my care. If an animal is being shipped, transported or railroaded, the 7 day guarantee does not apply since I am not responsible for the person who is handling the animal - you must take full responsibility from the point it leaves my home no matter the outcome. Surrenders do not come with any guarantee as they are discounted based on unknown genetics.

Every animal that leaves my home will be in excellent condition health wise. I ensure that an animal is healthy before it leaves my home. If your animal becomes sick, I am not responsible for your vet bills. You take on that responsibility as soon as it leaves my care. If you have any concern, you are more than welcome to take the animal to the vet within the first 24 hrs for a check up, but at your cost. I do require that I be contacted if something does happen to the animal so that I will know if there are any genetic defects that I need to be aware of.