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Ferret / Critter Nation Half Shelf Liner

Ferret / Critter Nation Half Shelf Liner


Ferret and Critter Nations both come with plastic shelves. I prefer to take the ramps out and then place fleece on the plastic shelves to keep their feet comfortable. This is not for the bottom and top liners that extend across the entire cage - this is only for the shelves that are equal to half of the length of the cage. You will receive one shelf liner (not the cage pan liner, these are for the half shelves) for $22. These are the set-in style liners, they do not wrap around and are not pillow case style. These work with Bass Pans. They are 3 layers thick, made with all fleece. You can also use binder clips to attach them to the cage. 


There is an additional fee of $6 for licensed prints if you choose to use them. 

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