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Surrender Program

All animals that I sell are automatically welcome back here at any time. Occasionally I take in owner surrenders when I have the extra room. Surrenders are kept in quarantine to ensure that the chinchilla is healthy and can be put up for adoption. A small adoption fee will be placed on each chinchilla in our care to cover the cost of care while in our possession. Some animals can stay here years and it is not free to take care of them. Others may find a home quickly. Either way, the adoption fees go back into the costs (feed, dust, shavings, vet care, travel for pick up) of taking care of the other surrenders still left here and making sure that we can continue to take in rescues. Supplies and feed are not required, but cages are welcome to send out with the new owner as long as they are not plastic. 

Animals that are surrendered will be re-homed after quarantine, the owner releases all rights to the animals and any property that comes with it.

A $25 surrender fee per animal is required as well as drop off in Roxboro, NC. 
Currently we are requiring cages to come with the animals due to lack of space. We do not accept plastic bottom cages. 

Please contact if you would like to surrender your chinchilla and can follow these rules. 

Surrenders Available for Adoption


Standard Gray Fur Chewer Female - Age Unknown - $50

Standard Gray Fur Chewer Male - Age Unknown - $50

Standard Gray Female - Age Unknown - $75

Beige Female - 2.5 years old - $125

Black Velvet Male - Age Unknown - $125

Mosaic Male - 7 months old - $200

Animals that are listed on this page are being rehomed as pet only. They should not be housed or given play time with any chin of the opposite sex. I require a non-breeding contract for all surrenders that are adopted out to prevent this. Surrenders do not come with a warranty due to the fact that they were not originally bred by Carolina Chinchilla Ranch. Please make sure that you provide them with safe cages and products that are plastic-free.