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Here at Carolina Chinchilla Ranch, we want our customers to feel comfortable with their chin ownership and not worry about emergencies, natural disasters or vacations where they may not be able to take care of their animals. I do offer short and long term boarding for chinchillas as long as I have room available.

Cost - $25/week per animal, discount for 3 or more animals that reside in the same cage. Partial week is calculated at $4 per day. 

You are welcome to bring your own food, shavings, dust, etc but I provide these in the fee. Water bottles I do prefer that you bring so that the chin doesn't have to change to one of my glass tipped ones. I do not have room for extra cages or wheels. I do require that a contract be signed and payment made up front for the boarding care. A date must be set for pick up of the animals and if not picked up within 7 days after that date, then the animals are considered abandoned and turned over as property to Carolina Chinchilla Ranch unless other arrangements are agreed upon. 

Chinchillas are kept in a safe cage during boarding, we do not allow out of cage play time due to safe quarantine practices. We also don't allow any visits for the animals unless it's to pick them up, our chinchilla area is kept as sterile as possible and free of all outside sources to keep disease and illnesses down.

If you are interested in boarding your chin for a short period or long period of time, please send me an e-mail to see if I currently have available space.  

Boarding Contract:  Here