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$5 Minimum Purchase Before Shipping Cost Is Required - SHIPPING AVAILABLE ONLY IN THE UNITED STATES

Shipping prices ARE NOT accurate on my cart as I have to put a set price in the check out carts for each item and additional item instead of going by the weight itself of the entire package. Depending on where you live, the price may be a lot cheaper for shipping, especially if I can ship large weights via flat rate. Once I ship the order, I will refund the difference in shipping cost. Some orders on the West Coast I have problems with the cart not calculating enough. You can also e-mail me and I will give you an exact shipping quote and I can send you an invoice via Paypal, even if you do not have a Paypal account. 

Custom fleece orders take a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 8 weeks depending on how busy I am with orders. Please read the store policy on the checkout page. Note: If you decide you want to cancel an order and need a refund after you place the order, there will be a 10% restocking fee charged if I have already started on the order, otherwise I will charge .30 Paypal transaction fee that Paypal will not refund to me.

Available fleece prints can be found at: Fleece


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